Weight Loss Journey

Weigh-In Wednesday : Week 7





I binged over the weekend. My old eating habit hit me hard. I overate a couple of times and keep tying to justify the fact that I can eat whatever since I’m going to be on vegan lifestyle starting next month.

And I’ve been busy in the morning so I took a week and half break from my CF class.

So… I’m pretty sure my weight will be stay the same if I’m lucky or gain 2-3 pounds or more. We will see. I don’t want to waste your time so let’s go check it out.


Okay so last Saturday, I went crazy and ate all that food in Seoul. And the night before that, I went out with my husband’s friends and on the way back home I had a piece of pizza, and 2 burritos. Sunday? I don’t even remember. I think I had food coma, and Monday we went to chilis and I got a full rack of baby back ribs….. and appetizer.
Wow and I still lost about 2 lbs. it would’ve been better if I stuck with my program. Man…

I’m not disappointed but I am disappointed. I’m disappointed that I just let it lose. I could have done a better job. But life goes on right? Another lesson learned. I can’t just reward myself full week. That’s ridiculous. And I did that last week.

Okay I’m getting myself together and going to do better next time.

Before I move on to the next topic I just want to thank all of you for sticking around and supporting me. Each one of you means so much to me and pls don’t forget that you’re a big part of my motivation

So I have a announcement. This is a good news and this will definitely help me stay on my track.
My lovely best friend Maria. You guys probably saw her from my Spartan video. She convinced me again and I will be running 11K race in September. It’s going to be on September 3rd so I’m going to train myself for this race. My goal is to finish. Just to finish. Doesn’t matter how long I’m going to take. I’m just going to finish it.

So August sounds pretty intense now
I’m transitioning to a vegan
Intermittent fast
CrossFit & jiu jitsu
And ab ripper x challenge with my husband.
And training for this race
Phewwww just thinking about it, honestly I just want to throw up

But like I told everyone else on YouTube. I gotta make it as my routine and just enjoy it. It’s not a duty. It’s my new lifestyle and Im kind of enjoying it and I will truly enjoy it and completely adopt this lifestyle in no time. I know that. I believe that…